Looking for freelance services for your business?

Our college students can help.

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Are you a small business looking for skilled workers without having to hire full-time employees? Why not hire college students or graduate students on a freelance basis? Whether you’re looking for web developers, freelance writers or someone to help you with marketing or social media, there are thousands of college students with high-level skills who can help you out.


  • Get help on-demand
  • Avoid the hassle of hiring full-time or part-time employees by using freelancers

Pay it forward! Give college students valuable experience that will help them launch their careers.

How to get started:

  1. Create an account
    Register here so you can input information about your small business, as well as enter your credit card information so freelancers can get paid when the project is complete.
  2. Post a Request
    To create a job description for what you looking for, click on “Post a request” in the dropdown under your profile picture. Requests should outline the skills you need, your budget and timeline. Students will be able to respond to your requests via our private messaging system.
  3. Find a service that you need
    Or, instead of posting a request, you can also browse through the students who have already created profiles on the site. Click on the categories at the top of the site to find the skills you are looking for. Just look through the profiles and find college students who match your budget and your needs.
  4. Describe your project
    Once you find someone you like, send him or her a private message through our system and explain what your project entails. Be as detailed as possible so the student can respond accurately to your request.
  5. Send files
    You can send files and messages back and forth through the built-in conversation and transaction management system. The student will deliver service within a specified time frame. (Question for Rob: What if they don’t turn it in in time?)
  6. Approve service delivered
    Once you are happy with the service performed, you can mark the transaction complete, and we’ll make sure that the student gets paid. Help the community by leaving a rating.

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